ROV tooling rental

Aleron Limited specialise in the rental & sale of complete ROV solutions globally for an array of applications.

Aleron have a wealth of experience in the ROV Industry, challenging conventional thinking and producing bespoke solutions to support diverse subsea projects, in industries such as Renewables, Decommissioning and Subsea Construction.

Aleron design and manufacture Work Class ROV systems with a portfolio including the industry recognised AUXROV, TRACKROV and MultiROV. Dedicated to innovation, we offer the Gladiator Control System to operate with any ROV system, providing a cost effective solution for upgrading control and mux electronics on aging subsea vehicles.

Aleron also stock an extensive range of subsea tooling equipment available for rental and sale providing clients a responsive, efficient and fit for purpose solution. In addition to our range of proven and reliable ROV tooling packages, we have in-house capabilities to design and build custom ROV Tooling solutions, tailored to individual project requirements.


Our primary areas of expertise are:

  • Work Class ROV systems (design, build, sale and rental)
  • Specialist ROV systems – AUXROV, TRACKROV, Remote Location Crawlers
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Subsea Component Design, Manufacturing and Sale
  • ROV tooling Concept, Design, Build
  • Standard Tooling Sale and Rental
  • Engineering Services
  • Project Support

Featured Products

Challenging Conventional Thinking

Complimentary services:

ROV System & Equipment Sales / Rental / Refurbishment

Bespoke ROV tooling solutions

300Hp Auxiliary Power & Positioning Solution