Aleron Subsea features in issue 54 of Wind Energy Network Magazine. The article highlights how the MultiROV bridges the gap between what is currently available in the market, offering a multi-purpose reconfigurable Work Class ROV. 

The MultiROV is an evolution of the work Aleron Subsea have been doing over the past few years with WROV system upgrades and the development of both the AUXROV and TRACKROV. These systems which are still performing in the field have given Aleron significant track record and experience in how their equipment performs in these environments.

Need for Specialist Systems
The MultiROV represents a shift in the type of operations being performed offshore and the need for specialist systems to perform tasks that existing marketing WROV’s have struggled to do. This consists on working in a changeable, high inshore currents that cause operator’s frustration as they pay to wait on the weather, ultra-shallow water operations where larger vessels can’t operate, and carrying large tools with payloads up to 30Te which standard ROV frames can’t handle.

Mobilising specialist ROV systems for short duration tasks is not cost effective. Specialist systems also have limitations and don’t have the buoyancy or freedom of a standard ROV to swim up close to structures. 

The MultiROV is a 300HP dual subsea HPU Work Class ROV that can be reconfigured to do all of the above. This means lower risk and lower cost mobilising and demobilising. The system will come with an enhanced thruster configuration option allowing it to hold station in head-on currents over 4 knots.

It will also have a modular frame so that we can adapt from a free swimming ROV to a heavy-duty tooling ROV operating large grabs, mattress frames, or mass flow excavators. The ethos of the system is to deliver a ‘swiss army knife’ ROV that – once mobilised – will tick all boxes of ROV operations, in both shallow water and deep-waters.

The type of ROV operations MultiROV is targeting cannot currently be performed by Electric Work-class ROV systems, operating large grabs, mass flow excavators, shear tools, BOP intervention packages, etc: all tools that as of today need large volumes of hydraulic fluid and pressure. 

Future Proof
The MultiROV system is designed for the 2020’s and beyond, it operates on environmentally considerate oil and the frame is bolt together with no welds, meaning a large reduction in welding gases and CO2. The system has advanced diagnostics, so operators will be able to perform predictive maintenance. The new control system is network based with gigabit ethernet communication and large bandwidth capacity for IP cameras and multi survey sensors. Future options include Remote manipulator ops, Point and click flying and remote piloting.

The MultiROV is available for sale or rental provided with various specification options and launch and recovery methods. 

Find out more about the Aleron Subsea MultiROV

Follow the link to view the full article in Wind Energy Network Magazine – page 66.