Introducing the Aleron TRACKROV

Aleron Subsea have recently launched a new vehicle – the TRACKROV. After several discussions with our clients we started to see that there was a demand for an ROV that could out perform work class systems in current and in adaptability when performing target identification, dredging and survey tasks.

The AUXROV is one method of this but in shallow water regions we decided a track-based platform was needed.

After some discussion with one of our key suppliers PanGeo Subsea we began the design and build of the TRACKROV. The system was to be a low footprint system, with a wide track base and launching platform to deploy and hold the PanGeo SBI system at its optimum height of 3 to 3.5m above the seabed.

We built and trialled the system at our base then moved towards sea trials in Macduff harbour. The system was then also installed with an 8” Predator Dredge pump for subsea excavation of potential targets when working on UXO and debris clearance projects.

Trials evolved into client present trials and Aleron have since been awarded a 3-month scope of work to assist with UXO identification operations in the Netherlands

System number two is now in build as we have identified several projects where our track-based solution can assist. For any depth of burial, target identification, dredging or general shallow water manipulator ops the TRACKROV can provide value as a stable platform for launching and operating a variety of tools and sensors.

If you would like to discuss in more detail, please email me: