ROVQUIP has now completed its second build API S53 compliant BOP intervention tool. This is following a series of successful comprehensive testing by a major oil and gas operator who have now taken a second tool to support its field operations. The ROVQUIP ROV operated intervention tool delivers high flow fluid injection which then automatically switches to high pressure when the resistance increases from filling the BOP cavity forcing the shear RAMs closed in a secondary emergency ROV intervention scenario. The pump also has the ability to switch from injecting fluid from its reservoirs to injecting seawater through a mechanical switch. Our pump can be integrated into an underslung skid solution with two 200L reservoir bags for storing glycol or any appropriate client specified fluid.

We can provide adapters to allow our skid to be integrated to any work class ROV system.

The ROVQUIP BOP intervention tool is a complimentary tool to our pool of specialist pumping and injection systems. If we don’t have the tool on our website that matches the specification of our job let us engineer, the right solution.