“Flexible, Adaptable and Configurable”

The MultiROV has been designed to offer the operator a flexible solution to subsea remote operations and can be configured to meet changing and demanding operational requirements.

The MultiROV design focus has been to make the vehicle simple to operate with an advanced control system and 4k video wall display together with class leading performance, reliability and ease of maintenance.

The MultiROV is fully compatible with all of our ROV Tooling including the API53 compliant BOP Skid.

MultiROV configurations:

ROV Mode:

  • 300HP (Dual HPU)deep water WorkClass ROV with TMS
  • Free flying ROV with ultra-highthrust for high current operations

AuxROV Mode:

  • 300Hp Power Pack for Boulder Clearance / Subsea Power Pack for Flushing /Pigging
  • Mass Flow Excavator operations

TrackROV Mode:

  • A tracked skid for cable burial surveys, dredging and seabed mapping

Watch the 3D animation of Multi ROV capabilities.

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