RQ009 - XLX Skid Safe Lift Frame

The ROVQUIP standard ROV Tooling Skid is suitable for connection to most work class ROV’s. The pin configuration is to fit the Triton XLX ROV as standard. The Skid is constructed from a lightweight aluminium frame and has been designed to maximize available space whilst still providing positive buoyancy.

The standard Skid weighs 810Kg in air and is 207Kg positively buoyant in sea water.

Special buoyancy configurations can be arranged depending on the tooling requirements of the client.

Various tooling can be situated in the skid, including; 250L+ Fluid reservoirs, BOP Systems, Fluid Injection Systems, Retractable Tooling Drawers, Intervention Tooling, survey and inspection tools and more.

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Ref: RQ009 XLX Skid Safe Lift Frame

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