Skid Packages


Multi Purpose ROV Skid

The ROVQUIP standard ROV Tooling Skid is suitable for connection to most work class ROV’s. The pin configuration is to fit the Triton XLX ROV as standard…….


BOP Intervention Skid

The BOP Intervention Skid operates the BOP’s rams with a maximum pressure of 345 Bar at 100 L/min. The systems pressure is built up in two separate stages…


Fluid Injection Skid

The Fluid Injection Skid is designed for various pressure testing and fluid injection applications subsea. It comes with a proportional 0-10,000 psi IHPU…


Methanol Injection Skid

The Methanol Injection system has been designed to inject Methanol at high pressure subsea via a client provided Hot Stab connection at pressures up..


Survey Skid

There are various options for this skid such as wheel spacing for varying pipe diameters, TSS Deployment Frame, Camera Booms and any particular tools or sensors which can be configured as per project needs…….


Suction Anchor Skid

The ROVQUIP suction Anchor skid is a self contained system for installing both Suction Anchors and Suction Piles………..


Track Based ROV Skid

The ROVQUIP tracked skid is the ultimate tool for ultra-shallow water survey and manipulator operations…….


Safe Lift Frame

The XLX Skid Safe Lift Frame is designed to be fitted to the four mounting pins on an XLX ROV based Skid, and allows the skid to be lifted by crane with a four point sling set shackled to the lift frame.