STS MKI T12 Titan Dredging System

The 12” Dredger system is designed to be deployed on its own unique dredge deployment frame, that acts as a platform for all dredging operations and is designed to allow easy access for ROV and/or Diver use.

Once landed out the deployment frame can be hydraulically activated to deploy 4 x stabilization legs that will raise the deployment frame upwards and offer a stable platform to dredge from.

The 360 degree slew  acts to aim the dredger torwards to worksite and the exhaust in the opposite direction.

The dredger can be operated by either a hydraulic downline  from the surface or direct from the ROV supply, provided it can provide the required flow / pressure.

  • Can be deployed subsea on unique deployment frame
  • Certified lifting points & rigging
  • Comes as standard with 12” 360 Degree cobra head
  • Twin depth compensators
  • Comes with hydraulic back flush option
  • Depth rated to 5000 MSW
  • Optimum dredging up to 275mm rocks
  • Optional lengths of suction / discharge hoses that can be changed out subsea ( Max 10m)
  • Remote exhaust function for remote spoil dumping (Max 10m)

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Ref: STS MKI T12 Titan Dredging System

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