Schilling T4 Manipulator Hire - RQ123

Schilling T4 Manipulator

Key Features:

  • Acute precision control with seven degrees of freedom
  • Durable and reliable in harsh subsea environments
  • Large operating envelope
  • High lift-to-weight ratio

Aleron provide Schilling Titan 4 manipulator rental and maintenance with years of subsea engineering experience. The T4 provides excellent accuracy and dexterity enabling ROV operators to undertake precise complex subsea tasks. Constructed mostly from titanium, it is uniquely capable of withstanding the industry’s harsh and repetitive needs day after day. With a reach of over 1.9m, a fully extended lift capacity of 122KG and a high lift-to-weight ratio this arm is deservedly the industry’s premier servo-hydraulic remote manipulator.


7 function with position control

4000 msw depth standard

7000 msw extended depth

100Kg weight in air

78Kg weight in water

122Kg maximum lift at full extension

454Kg nominal lift

192cm maximum reach

3000 PSI hydraulics max pressure

5.7 – 19 LP flow

Mainly titanium construction

Jaw options

3 Finger Intermeshing

4 finger Intermeshing

4 finger in Parallel


Schilling Titan 4 manipulator dimensions

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