IHPU, DWP & Fluid Injection


10,000psi HPU

10,000psi IHPU

The 10k psi IHPU is a versatile tool that can be used for numerous subsea applications including; Operating BOP Tooling, Transferring Media and Pressure Testing.


10,000psi Test Panel

10,000psi Test Panel

The 10k psi Test Panel is designed to be used in conjunction with the 10k psi IHPU (P/N: RQ-012) and provides a means of pressure testing equipment.


Fully Proportional Injection System

10,000psi Fully Proportional Injection System

The 10k psi Fully Proportional Injection System (FPIS) has been designed specifically for pressure testing applications on subsea manifolds.


100lpm Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

100 l/min Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

The Dirty Work Pack is designed to protect the hydraulic circuit of the ROV against external contamination during fluid transfer…


75lpm Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

75 l/min Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

The 0-75 LPM Dirty work pack is designed to protect the main hydraulic circuit of the ROV system from contamination during fluid transfer…


BOP Intervention Pump

BOP Intervention Pump

A BOP (Blow out Preventer) is a large, specialized valve designed to seal off the wellhead in extreme cases that a blowout may occur. They are critical to….