Our goal is to provide is to provide our customers with an efficient return on their investment. We work in a quick decision environment to provide fast turnaround project deliveries.

The team pride themselves in being easy to work with and we a combined resume of knowledge with members coming from manufacturing, off/onshore operations, engineering and technical support backgrounds giving us the ability to provide a full and rounded service.

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Here are some of our personalities:

Mike Bisset: Owner/Managing Director

As formal owner of Specialist ROV Tooling services and with over two decades of hands on ROV and ROV tooling experience previously Mike has a wealth of knowledge on ROV Subsea operations. Much of his time has been spent problem solving and creating tooling solutions for projects where no standard product has been able to do the job. This skill set is demonstrated throughout the Aleron Group.

Scott Munro: Technical Manager

Scott brings a strong electronic engineering background to the team and has been one of the key drivers behind the Gladiator Control System development. From his previous project manager positions he is able to apply the operational considerations as to how the software will benefit from features to assist the offshore user and from his previous engineering background is able to perform our software development in house.

Gary McConnell: Commercial Manager

Leading the commercial side of the Group Gary started as workshop technical for Sub-Atlantic gradually progressing into a commercial role.

Previous commercial roles include – Account Management and Sales Management roles in the ROV sector meaning he has established a great understanding of the industry and needs of the industry.

David Currie: General Manager

David has been in the industry for around 30 years. Originally an offshore survey and electronics engineer. Then, a founder and Managing Director of Seatronics Group, expanding the business to 5 countries. Moved to Acteon Group in 2015 in strategic role covering Subsea Tooling before joining Aleron in 2019.

John Walker: New Business Manager

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