Launch & Recovery Systems

Launch and recovery methods differ for different projects, but we have the following key equipment available as options for our ROV’s

Lawsons Red LARS

Currently paired with an XL we have a 10Ton SWL fully refurbished Lawsons Launch and Recovery System available for sale or rental. This system has had a full strip down and rebuild before going through an in-house FAT. The winch is spooled with around 1800m of Nexans NSS7.

Lawsons Blue LARS

Currently paired with an XL we have a 7Ton SWL Lawsons Launch and Recovery System fitted with around 2000m of NSS7 umbilical.

Lawsons 15Te A-Frames

At the moment, we have two twin 15Te A-frames available. They are stand along units although we do have winches that can be refurbished to use with them if a full system is needed.

Marine Cranes

Used for free swimming our work class systems we have several marine cranes available for rental. These low footprint cranes are ideal for launching an ROV system over the side of a vessel where there is limited or no deck space for a full LARS.

Download PDF Datasheet for Marine Cranes  

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